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[EN] Every Child is a Champion in Mathematics

As adults we have seen the everyday use of mathematics, to check our change, to stick to a budget or to calculate measurements on a recipe. For children, however, it is not so clear why additions and multiplications are so necessary in life, particularly when they are difficult to understand.

As kids, many of us get the message that math is challenging and more often than not, boring. With this image, it can be difficult to direct your children's interest and motivation to advance in math. You have to break the pattern, so how can parents improve their children's confidence and encourage them to engage in math? - The new educational innovation has an exciting proposition with free platforms like 99math.

99math is a platform that promotes students’ motivation through games that make math fun. The platform mixes fun, competition and education to foster a strong mindset. This concept teaches that we all have the ability to improve our intelligence with directed effort.

Students in Estonia, for example, embraced this mindset and in 2018 the country was rated an Educational Nation and #1 in Europe's PISA tests. Aside from increasing achievement in mathematics, a child with a strong mindset can be confident in his or her own ability to accomplish any goal.

Now the question is, how do platforms like 99math work? Playful mathematics can be accessed by Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) such as tablets, laptops and smartphones. It is free to register and the preparation is quick. You as an adult are the host who controls the action and the children joins the game with a code.

Math games last less than 5 minutes. The short time frame helps the interest and fun flow as your students learn. A useful feature of 99math is that parents receive data and reports on each player. This helps to monitor each child's progress and point out in which area more development is required and which mathematical skill has already been mastered. To assign a specific topic, you just have to select it and the platform will generate games based on that skill. Thus, with a minimum of preparation on the part of the host, there is a maximum of development in mathematics.

Healthy competition helps focus students on their progress. It is possible to invite your children's friends to play virtually from their homes, perfect for implementing distance education! You can also organize competitions for them to compete for the title of 'Champion of Mathematics'.

99math also has the option to choose an opponent from the global community that is made up of 23 countries and more than 22,000 players! The combination of fun games, competition and an educational approach creates eager children to participate, rapid progress in math and students with confidence in their own abilities.

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