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[EN] Fun Math Challenges for Distance Learning

Normally kids would not be too keen on practicing math at home, but online games make it fun and interactive. With 99math K-12 students feel connected to their peers in an educational context. The game also helps to keep things normal in times of the pandemic lockdown.

99math is an online social game for remote math practice.

Teachers and parents can review and monitor performance data and see how kids are improving in math. The game is being played more than 100,000 times per month, and hundreds of teachers and parents have signed up in the last 2 days to use 99math for distance learning.

While the core of 99math is a competition based interactive math practice, we have also added new free features to make remote learning more engaging: global math challenges and self-paced exercises.

Student teams, led by teachers, or families, working and learning from home, can challenge people from other countries to beat their score in the game. More than 100 challenges have been created in just one day of e-learning.

You can create your own math challenge with 99math. Go to 99math, play a fun game and share your challenge with friends and family.

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