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Start-Up That Inspires Kids Worldwide to View Math as Fun Through Social Gaming, Launches in the US

The social online math game, that has been recognized as one of the TOP50 most innovative education technology companies in the Nordics, is now making its way to the US. The Estonian game platform, 99math, gets students excited about math in a new way. Over 40 million math problems have been solved by students worldwide. The successful start-up is now ready and eager to start working with teachers and students in the US. Try it out with with your class at!

Tallinn, Estonia. (September 15, 2020) - 99math’s mission is to engage students by combining eSports style gaming with solving math problems. Co-founder, Timo Timmi, seeks to use his passion for competitive gaming to change the way kids learn math: “Math is the foundation for most modern professions. The huge problem is that it is perceived as hard or boring, so kids tend to give up before mastery and before it becomes interesting. We are changing that by developing a strong math foundation for the new generation. We make math fun; kids should enjoy learning math.”

99math is extremely accessible and is already widely used in schools internationally in over 100 nations. With internet connection and a digital device, any student can play for free. 99math has also proven to be a great tool for teachers and students during this pandemic by keeping kids engaged in solving math problems and improving their skills remotely.

Much Needed Help for Math Teachers

From inception the founders of 99math created the game with teachers and students in mind and engaged both of the roles in the game development. “There is a broad range of math topics with different levels and difficulties so all K-8 educators in the US will be able to implement it in their classrooms with just a few clicks. A teacher can set up a game in under a minute. After each game, teachers can see detailed results on each student’s performance and identify learning gaps that need to be addressed. Most importantly, kids will actually have fun and be excited to play which generates a positive and efficient learning environment” Timo explains.

How Does it Work?

The free math games can be started by a teacher or student at any time on any smartphone, tablet, or computer by going to There are no apps or downloads, simply follow a link and sign up. With one click you can browse games and start playing!

Impact on Students

The 99math team recognized the need for students to develop a strong foundational understanding of math to succeed academically. By making a game based on math problem solving, they combine an activity that kids love (playing with friends and leveling up) and an activity that kids struggle with (consistent math practice), to make learning entertaining and exciting. The game relieves the pressure of learning something difficult and allows students to have healthy, competitive fun. 

The 99math game is already available in the US for free and can be played in both physical and digital classrooms.

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